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Brian Griffin, PhD, MI

Howdy, I’m Brian Griffin.

I am a scholar and educator working in Toronto. My current research is focused on technologies for enhancing feelings of flow in music production and performance, and promoting peer communication within music communities.

My dissertation was an ethnographic study of the information practices of amateur classical musicians giving special attention to embodied information, practical knowledge, and unspoken understanding between musicians.

I am also a Master of information, with a specialization in critical information studies, and I have a Bachelor's degree in anthropology.

Read more about my research publications, see my Curriculum Vitae, or contact me by email.

Latest Activity

“Ethnography Kaleidoscope in Library and Information Science.” Discussion Panel with Jenna Hartel, Bharat Mehra, Jenaya Webb, Rebecca Noone, Hugh Samson, and Danielle Cooper. CAIS 2022.

Recent Teaching

Research Methods, Winter 2022, University of Toronto, Faculty of Information.

Surveillance & Identity, Summer 2021, University of Toronto, Faculty of Information.

Political Economy & Cultural Studies of Information, Winter 2021, University of Toronto, Faculty of Information.

Select Publications

Multimedia approaches to learning

Introduction: Information and the body

What every body knows: Embodied information in serious leisure

Scientific progress or organizational innovation? A comparison of two turns in Library and Information Science

Metatheory or methodology? Ethnography in library and information science

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