iConference 2013, Ft. Worth - Surveillance of audience labor using new media, Three innovations of television broadcast networks

February 12, 2013    News iSchool Conferences iConference New Media Surveillance

At the iConference, I presented a poster about the surveillance tactics of television networks.

Surveillance of audience labor using new media: Three innovations of television broadcast networks

Abstract: In response to the proliferation of channels, the growth of the Internet, and the availability of time-shifting and advertisement-blocking technologies, how are television broadcast networks using new media innovations to efficiently exploit and sell audience labour to advertisers? Drawing upon insights from political economy approaches to audience labour, this poster outlines three new media strategies television broadcast networks use to better exploit audience labour: online broadcasting, audience-generated content, and social media as product placement. These strategies enhance the capacity of networks and advertisers to better measure audience labour through heightened surveillance available in new media. Understanding the surveillance and exploitation of audience labour by using these strategies is essential for empowering audiences as television and new media become increasingly integrated across platforms.

Link to abstract at IDEALS.